Scat Cats and the Toilet Chair


Scat Cats and the Toilet Chair P1
The slave is here totally degraded to toilet slave. Lady Domi and Lady Kimi degrade and humiliate the slave verbal and spit him here in his slave mouth. Then he must be under the toilet seat and open his mouth wide. First Lady Kimi is peeing and then she is shitting a big pile directly into his mouth. He has to swallow the whole bunch of shit under the eyes and the strict instructions of the ladies. Then Lady Domi shits a turd down his throat. He begins to swallow the second pile of shit and is also humiliated verbally and gets the spit of the Ladies in his face and his mouth.

Moneyslave eats my shit!




In an abandoned area I met one of my moneyslaves. According to my command, he was waiting for me naked but only with the money in his hands in a dirty hole. After handing over of the money, he was allowed to worship my golden high heels and then he received his punishment for this mingy pocket money. If he is allowed to meet his mistress, he must think about the amount to spend as reward… Instead of beeing allowed to massage my feet, the day ends in pain for him. Of course I ordered him to swallow my caviar. He lamented, choked and cried, but nothing helped. In the end he gulped the whole load down.

Swallow our Shit!




I was out with my girls Sweetbaby and Miss Jane, as a dirty guy cried for help. When he noticed, that we did not want to help, we already have his money, cellphone and carkeys. The loser was here at the right time. We all needed to go to the toilet, so we used his mouth as toilet. He had to swallow pee 3 times and one time scat, until we stopped beating him. Haha… I think, he will not call for help again, if he seess some girls walk along.


Filled up with scat and pee from 3 ladies



Filled up with scat and pee from 3 ladies

In a little drinking game I have some drinks with the girls. Our slave is used as cuspidor, toilet and tampon swallower. We spit and pee in his mouth again and again. As delicious add on Miss Jane and me shit in his mouth also. His little cock is painfully sucked to a normal size with our enlargement pump, so the slave looks like a real man. *smile* Sweetbaby nearly vomits on him, but the lucky guy has in the end only 4 times pee and 2 times scat to swallow.

Scat Cats shit in his mouth



Scat Cats 02

Kimi Cat shits a pig susage in slaves mouth while Domi cat is filming. Domi Cat comants this from behind the cam and orders Kimi to shit more and more, then they change and Domi Cat empty her yummy ass in slaves mouth. Domi Cat is a cruel cat, she push all the shit deep into slaves throat to help him to swollow! Very dirty talk, but in german!

Scat and Vomit Cats 01



This clip is shoot by the Cats personaly. First Kimi Cat holds the cam while Domi Cat piss shit and vomit at the slave, then they change and Kimi Cat is on turn. She makes a real big pice of shit directlly into the slaves mouth, then she is vomiting at him! This clip is short but dam dirty. You can see two beautifull ladys shiting and vomiting on slave. It is very authentic, the girls really like what they do. they talk and lough a lot. Clip in german!

Sweet Schoolgirl Shit…. Mandy Flores



A video made with My blackmail slave ray serving me in person. He had begged me to eat my sweet shit on video so I agreed. Video opens with Me waking him up after a night sleeping naked on the cold bathroom floor. I let him worship my ass with a little face sitting. He inhales my ass smell deeply. You can hear his deep breaths. I rub my ass on his nose. I give him continuous verbal humiliation degrading him. Then it is time. I get the dog food bowl and put in on his stomach and I shit in it. As I try to shit, I need to piss, so I piss on his puny, tiny worthless cock. I squat over the bowl and shit with him staring at my perfect butthole. The mixture of my sweet shit and piss. He puts his head in the bowl and I shove his head down into the bowl with my foot. He tries, but coughs and gags. He shows my shit in his mouth. I continue to shove his head down in the bowl. Since he couldn?t eat it all, I make him get in the shower and smear the shit all over himself. Face, mouth, chest, cock, especially into his moustache. I make him thank me.

1 hour and 10 minutes of Mandy’s behind / Mandy Flores



A guy wanted a multiple custom video of me shitting. 9 separate shits for 9 days!! Day 2!! I?m presenting these for you here as a series. There is lots of descriptive narration, stories, different locations and EXTREME close ups of my asshole and the shit. Some of the shits, I?m a little constipated and others, it flows freely, but all are great shits by your shit queen Mandy!! I told him all the time he had to lick my dirty shit hole. I know you all want to do that, don?t you? Also, this guy had a fetish about my fucking my asshole with a pen after I?d shit and at the end of each video in the series, I prolapse my asshole for you. These are freaking awesome. Enjoy!!

shit shit shit! Mandy Flores!



Awesome video. The 1st shit is a HUGE log that I empty out onto a plate on the floor while pissing on my floor at the same time. Extreme close up of my sweet shit sliding out of my tight butthole. The 2nd shit is an enticing log slowly emerging from my asshole. Don?t you wish it could be sliding into your waiting mouth as you consume my waste!! I do love selling my shit, by the way. The 3rd and final shit is much softer than the 1st two, but just as massive. This shit would be tastier, I?m sure because it would be easier to chew and swallow!! Yummy, yummy. Mandy?s sweet shit!! Eat it!! Enjoy!! After each shit I give you a nice long close up look at what I know you want to be your breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! 6 fabulous minutes of my perfect ass and sweet shit!